Connecting, Convening and Inspiring since 1984

Individuals, companies and organizations to take action
that benefit the whole of the environment.


Connecting, Convening and Inspiring since 1984

Individuals, companies and organizations to take action
that benefit the whole of the environment.


JT&A, inc. is a woman-owned small business incorporated in Washington, D.C. in 1984.

We work in a mix of sectors to connect, convene and inspire —
from agriculture and education, mitigation, conservation and restoration of natural resources to healthcare and missile aerospace.

Our Core Values

It all begins with our connection to the environment and each other

  • individual responsibility to protect and conserve our air, water, land and species
  • listening to and respecting different perspectives
  • willingness to work through differences
  • respecting and considering the human and economic impact

Our Core Focus

Global and national events on environmental markets focused on sustainable solutions
Enviroscape® education, outreach and communication products.

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Connects & Convenes

Our wide expertise effectively brings people together for impactful discussions and solutions.

JT&A has created, developed and coordinated a multitude of events in the U.S. and abroad for small and large companies, Fortune 500 groups, government agencies, the U.S military and nonprofit organization for as small as 20 to over 1,000.

Our many successes include environmental market events, American Wetlands Month Conferences, forums on Nonpoint Source Pollution, National Watershed Conferences, Pulp & Paper and Paint Stripping conferences, Toxics Release Inventory conference; grain marketing workshops in the Middle East, Asia and South America; support of the Army Materiel Command and more.

NMEMC, since 1997

National Mitigation & Environmental Markets Conference

The National Mitigation and Environmental Markets Conference established in 1997 (formerly called the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference) is a powerful, independent, and balanced platform that is the “must attend event” for those involved ih the mitigation, restoration and conservation of species, wetlands and streams, water quality and quantity, carbon and related environmental markets.

NMEMC expands collaboration across regulators and resource agencies, mitigation, restoration and offset providers, clients/impactors, and investors to engage and share resources, practices, approaches, technology.

NMEMC is about investing in the environment and is the first and only of its kind to bring members of the diverse environmental community together to advance and protect the environment in a financially sustainable way with productive dialogue and engagement an important focus of this annual event.

Invest Connect by Bank Tank® is part of NMEMC and is designed to connect investors with those seeking funding, landowners or brokers with properties of potential interest to the industry, advice and assistance seekers with experts, and those with innovative ideas they wish to advance with investors and experts. Invest Connect is held annually at NMEMC.

Global EMFS, since 2019

Global Environmental Markets and Finance Summit

The Global Environmental Markets and Finance Summit drives progress in private sector solutions for environmental outcomes by connecting, convening, and inspiring high-level leaders of change and implementation for Nature-based Solutions (NbS) across:
• natural resources (carbon, water and biodiversity);
• industry sectors;
• resource agencies;
• providers and supporters of solutions, impactors and funders; and
• the world.

This global event rotates around the world on an annual basis.


We make the complex simple and easily understood to inspire positive action.

Geared to inspire the citizen audience to make a difference through individual responsibility in the care of the environment,  a few of our many successes include the first educational and outreach materials on water pollution, American Wetlands month, Audubon’s America, and our popular interactive EnviroScape models.


Hands-On Products for Environmental Education

EnviroScape® is a series of patented visual and hands-on tools for engaging ages 5 to 95 to learn about environmental issues and the role they play as individuals in its prevention.

EnviroScape® effectively communicates our shared responsibility for the environment to people of all ages, languages and cultures.

Used by schools at all levels, corporations, government agencies and organizations throughout the U.S. and globally.


Our Founder

Judith Ferrell Taggart

Judith Ferrell Taggart


Judith Taggart established JT&A as a premier environmental outreach and education company in 1984.

More about Judy Taggart

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