Erin Foster

Erin Foster

Director of Marketing

Erin Foster has served as Director of Marketing for JT&A’s EnviroScape ® series since 2001.

Ms. Foster is an integral part of JT&A, with knowledge in all aspects of JT&A’s operations, marketing and product development.

She launched herself into marketing EnviroScape® by successfully making the first sales of Enviroscape® to middle schools with cold calls. From there, she was instrumental in the development and launch of EnviroScape®’s Tools for Schools program which enabled the successful integration of EnviroScape® products into many school systems throughout the United States. Ms. Foster continues to promote EnviroScape® through trade shows and fairs, advertising, social media, and direct marketing.

She is responsible for identifying new opportunities and strategies for increasing EnviroScape®’s market share, and for developing new marketing materials and training programs. She is also involved in the development of new products, working closely with others in the office and those on the review committees from the start through completion of new and improved products. Most recently, Ms. Foster was responsible for the successful creation and completion of a custom order through a new process and relationship she helped JT&A establish.

Ms. Foster maintains contact with customers to ensure their questions and needs are being met – a critical part of the success of JT&A.

As a senior staff member of JT&A, Erin supports our events and is involved in JT&A’s company-wide planning and strategy.

Ms. Foster obtained a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, minor in Natural Resources from Oregon State University’s School of Public Policy & the School of Forestry.