Lura Svestka

Lura Svestka

Vice President

Lura Svestka is Vice President of JT&A, responsible for its ongoing and daily operation.

Her impeccable attention to detail and design has contributed to JT&A’s reputation for quality products and services and translated to the successful management of the assembly and fulfillment of EnviroScape® products and the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference materials and web site.

Ms. Svestka is responsible for the web sites for JT&A, and its product web sites EnviroScape® and the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference. She designs all materials for EnviroScape® and the NMEBC, processes all EnviroScape® orders, working closely with JT&A’s fulfillment center. In addition, Ms. Svestka oversees the day to day operations of JT&A including accounting and personnel.

Since joining JT&A in 1985, Ms. Svestka has been directly involved in all aspects of the business. She supervises the production work flow through editors, proofers and artists, graphic design and printers and direct mail houses. Ms. Svestka has also provided graphic design for many JT&A materials such as proceedings, manuals, books, newsletters, journals, magazines, brochures and other outreach materials. She helps with conference registration or onsite assistance as needed.

She took on the assembly and fulfillment of the Enviroscape® models when JT&A moved its fulfillment in-house in 1998. As EnviroScape®’s manufacturing and assembly needs grew beyond its in-house capacity, Ms. Svestka was responsible for the smooth transition of EnviroScape® operations to an outside source out of state a few years later.

Prior to joining JT&A, Ms. Svestka assisted with preparing and handling President Reagan’s briefings, including graphic arts and editorial responsibilities. She worked in all aspects of public information, responding to most of the public phone calls to The White House as well as general correspondence.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Svestka served as assistant to the director of government relations for Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc., a prestigious trade association of the leading manufacturers of food and non-food products sold in grocery stores. She was responsible for arranging and executing a monthly Public Policy meeting, featuring a Congressman as guest speaker. She also prepared booklets and materials on legislative issues, handled mass mailings and made travel arrangements.

At one time, Ms. Svestka owned a wholesale bakery, which operated five days a week, averaging 2,000 items daily that were sold through a vending operation in downtown Washington. She supervised two employees and managed all phases of the business, including bookkeeping and clerical duties along with the actual production. She sold the business to Cookie Cafe.