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For over 30 years, JT&A has evolved into a successful communications and outreach company that encompasses its own conferences, communication solutions, including its flagship products -- EnviroScape® models and the
National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference.

JT&A has always been well-known for translating technical and scientific materials into simple terms for the citizen – the lay audience.  We were instrumental in developing many programs and materials still in use today -- wrote and designed the first educational and outreach materials on nonpoint source pollution for the U.S. EPA; developed American Wetlands Month, including logo and outreach materials, organizing the first few years of American Wetlands Month celebrations; developed and implemented the first National Watershed Conference; and produced materials for Audubon’s America.

Our experience extends to a national healthcare organization, a Fortune 500 corporate environmental management group, aerospace companies and the U.S. Army, and internationally, and we have recently expanded our services to include media and strategic communications.

JT&A continues its focus on providing quality – and frankly, the best -- product and services possible to our most important asset – our customers and clients.